Commercial Construction

Are you planning a commercial building project but are not sure where to start? That’s understandable, as commercial construction can be an overwhelming process.
Regardless of the scale and scope of your project, you need a reliable team of expert commercial contractors that are up to the task.
Here at Elite Building Contractors, we’re proud to say that our primary goal is to bring our clients’ building ideas to life. We also want to shine a light on the process to give you a better sense of all the commercial building services we provide.

The Stages of Commercial Construction Process

Whether you’re remodelling, expanding, or building a brand-new commercial building, it can be challenging to see the big picture.
How does that brilliant idea in your mind become a shiny new commercial building in a matter of months?
The secret is dividing the project into several stages and giving each one sufficient time and attention. Here’s an overview of the step-by-step construction process.

Planning and Development

It might sound like an overstatement, but the planning and development stage is of paramount importance. Elite Building Contractors provide project planning services for both residential and commercial properties.
We’ll pre-design the building or facility and talk to the leading architect about everything. This stage is vital because if we don’t get it right, none of the other stages will matter.
It’s also essential to evaluate the duration of each task and the necessary resources. Failing to do so can lead to an inaccurate schedule and often the wrong budget estimate too.


Here we’re talking about the schematic designs and basic drawings that will iron out the details regarding the scale and location of the commercial building.
Our team will also consider the building’s orientation concerning the utility connections to make sure the project is entirely feasible. This phase includes making sure that all the building regulations are in order.


During this stage, the Elite Building Contractor team talks to the owner and waits for the notice to proceed. We’ll also receive a complete list of materials required and talk to all the vendors.
Before we commence with construction, we investigate the building site one more time to make sure there are no potential complications.
Everyone involved with this stage has a different role assigned to them. The project manager is the point person for the entire project team.


In the procurement phase of commercial construction, every item from the list of materials is purchased. The owner and the construction company write an agreement known as a Purchase Order.
The goal here is to ensure that every procured product meets the specs and agreed price. Elite Building Contractors will always make sure that clients get only the best materials at a fair price.


Before the ground is broken, we establish working hours, materials storage, and quality control. Typically, the site excavation ensues along with the installation of underground utilities.
Steel erection, concrete pouring, roofing, framing, and both interior and exterior work are all a part of the construction stage.
The project manager and the official inspector will oversee each of these actions. This phase of the construction process is over once the commercial building is done.


Once the construction is over, you might be in a hurry to move into your commercial space. However, there are several steps we have to take before that’s possible.
The post-construction stage includes a final walkthrough of all the items on the punch list. Is there a broken light fixture or space that requires painting?
These are only some of the required post-construction tasks for commercial builders. London-based business owners can install equipment or add furnishings after we’re done with the thorough post-construction phase.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Commercial Construction Project

You should always be careful when choosing a building contractor.
The primary mission of Elite Building Contractors is to complete the project you’ve proudly envisioned. We don’t make promises – we deliver. Here’s why we’re the right commercial builders for your next project.

We Have the Experience

You can’t fake experience. We’ve been in the business for nearly 45 years and during that time encountered tasks of various complexity.
Whatever you present us with, chances are we’ve done it before – successfully. Commercial building services are our forte, and we’d love to be the company you choose for your next project.

We Also Have the Skills

Experience is one thing but having the right skills to do the job is another. Our team has fine-tuned the skills required to create the most durable and best-looking commercial buildings.
We don’t stop until the job is done right. If things don’t go as planned, we adapt and ultimately deliver precisely what our clients expect.

We Have the Referrals and References

It can be ill-advised to start working with a construction company without checking their references first. Do ask us for references. We’re approachable and want to tell you about how happy our clients were with our work.
To give you an idea of how much we care about doing the job right, keep in mind that 95% of our business comes directly from customer referrals. We know that satisfied clients talk to their friends, family, and neighbours, and we count on that as well.

We Listen

Creating a rapport with clients is incredibly important to Elite Building Contractors. That can only happen if we establish a transparent and efficient communication channel.
We’re here to listen to your ideas and do everything to make them a reality. Too often, the communication between the owners and commercial contractors fails.
This can lead to construction mistakes and plenty of dissatisfaction for both parties. We’re passionate about ensuring that never happens between our clients.

Accurate and No Obligation Quotes

A commercial construction project is a significant investment, regardless of its size. Choosing who to trust with your time and budget can be challenging.
Elite Building Contractors wants to make sure that you enter the process with all the necessary information.
We encourage you to reach out and request a no-obligation quote today. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know before you set out on this journey.