Design and Build

Design and build is a unique construction industry method where a single contractor firm is in charge of both the design and construction. Here at Elite Building Contractors, we apply this approach to make your dream house a reality.

Our bespoke construction business has started over four decades ago and continues to offer a hassle-free, end-to-end service to customers across London. We believe the key to a perfect property lies in design, making it the backbone of every successful construction endeavor. That’s why we dedicate just enough time to making sure the actual build never goes wrong.

Why Hire Elite Building Contractors?

Finding a reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective solution for creating a new home doesn’t have to be challenging. Elite Building Contractors has been in the business for decades, and we understand what it takes to build a perfect home. Our team based in Middlesex has successfully completed numerous projects with an impressive 96% client retention rate.

Our professional designers and contractors are committed to providing the best-tailored solution for your new property. Even after the design is completed and we start the build, we’re happy to keep you informed on every new milestone. You’re more than welcome to join us at the worksite and see how things are going yourself.

We have worked on hundreds of projects ever since we opened for business, and we have a clear understanding of the London property market. By hiring us, you’ll get precious advice on adding value to your property. This part is crucial if you plan on selling the property later on.

Other than designing and building brand new properties, we also offer home extension services. We’ve worked with various property types and are dedicated to keeping the original styles and features of every home for which we do extension work. Regardless of the architectural style (Georgian, Victorian, modern, you name it), we’ve got it all covered.

Our highly professional tradesmen are used to carrying out all tasks with the greatest attention to detail and are skilled in creating your charming new home.

What Does the Process Look Like?

Here are Elite Building Contractors, we have put a lot of effort and consideration into the whole process. We carefully plan every step and are transparent about our offer.

Here’s the overview of the whole procedure:

  • We start the collaboration by running a survey to gather information about your property. This is where we understand the scope of work and get initial design ideas. It’s also where you get to tell us your vision or requirements. Note that our quotes are always transparent, and we always inform you of the actual project cost.
  • At this point, we make designs and 3D visuals and present them to you. It’s essential to visualize the project before the actual work takes place, and we make sure to show you our solution in the most realistic way. We’re open to suggestions and continue to work on the design until we get all the pieces together. Once we agree on the perfect design, we go to the next stage.
  • Building control approval. We submit all planning applications and provide a comprehensive package of technical drawings for building control approval. Besides technical information, we also include a detailed list of work scope as well as respective costs.
  • Work commencement. After taking care of all the paperwork, our staff gets on the terrain, and the work begins. We’ll assign a dedicated person to oversee the working site, have regular meetings with you, and ensure a seamless project enrolment.
  • Work progress. Our team works strictly according to the project timeline, making sure to meet all deadlines. We also ensure the provision of all materials and tools needed to perform the work. As long as our tradesmen or clients are on the site, we make sure that all safety measures are in place and that everyone is in a safe environment.
  • Work completion. Finally, once you’re happy with the work, we sign off the project as completed and welcome you into your new property.

Benefits of Design and Build Approach

There are numerous benefits of the D-B approach.

  • Hassle-free customers. Moving into a new home is already a big commitment, and it’s good to have fewer things to stress about. It is hard enough to find a reliable construction firm without having to go through another round of research to find the best architect. With this approach, you get the whole package!
  • Transparent Communication. When a single entity oversees the workflow, it makes room for seamless communication. Our designers and contractors work hand in hand to provide the best bespoke solution tailored to your requirements. Sometimes, a designer’s problem can be solved by a construction solution or vice versa. Having both field experts discussing the project continuously leads to cutting-edge results.
  • No Adversarial Conditions. The previous benefit leads to the elimination of adversarial conditions by having everyone work under one contract. Sometimes, the construction firm may impose strict rules that the designers can’t overcome. All these potential issues are laid to rest from the very start.
  • No Building Type Restrictions. Our team has been working together for years, knowing each other strengths and possibilities. Collaborating on many projects has only improved their skills so they can tackle any project without difficulty.
  • Single Responsibility Source. What makes this approach stand out from the traditional design and build is that there is a single source of responsibility. In the latter, it’s common for architects to blame contractors for any problems that might occur. With design and build, everyone is on the same side and shares equal amounts of responsibility towards the project. And if any discrepancies arise, we solve them internally.
  • Having a single D-B team work together from day one helps streamline the project timeline. All meetings are held together, and everyone is always on the same page.
  • Cost-effective. Another benefit of a single unit is that you get the best cost value. Our teams work together according to a carefully planned budget.

Where Do We Work?

The design and build Middlesex home we worked on a couple of years back is one of our favorite projects so far. You can see it yourself on our portfolio page. We’re always on the lookout for new London boroughs for our design and build. Hertfordshire is also on our list of potential project destinations.

Have a Design and Build Idea?

Feel free to contact us for any design and build Harrow, Middlesex, or other London borough project ideas. We’ll be happy to hear you out or chime in with our own suggestions.