Property Refurbishment

When it comes to property refurbishment, Middlesex is home to one of the leading firms on the market. At Elite Building Contractors, we offer a wide range of renovation and building services covering interior and exterior refurbishment work. Whether you are looking for a complete transformation of one of your building sections or wish to refurbish an existing part of your property, we’ve got you covered.

With more than 40 years of experience in construction work, we have the skills and tools to transform any property type. We can refurbish any space, from living rooms to bathrooms Maybe your kitchen needs dismantling, or you want a brand-new glass, stone, wooden, or laminate worktop. Or perhaps you’d like to transform your basement into a modern office. If you can think of it, we can make it.

Why Hire Elite Building Contractors

Home renovations can often be as rewarding as building a new place from scratch. Whether you bought a new home that needs renovating or looking to modernise your own, there are many challenges imposed on you as a landlord. It’s always better to deal with them with the help of professionals.

Property renovation can also be a daunting task, depending on its scope. With so many things to keep in mind, you can quickly feel overwhelmed with the single thought of handling everything by yourself. By hiring Elite Building Contractors, you’ll be in the driving seat, and we’ll be doing all the work.

Being in the business for many years, we understand that renovation is not all about the immense workload. It’s about building space according to your expectations or requirements. That’s why we consider you as an inseparable part of the whole project. You’ll always stay informed of the ongoing process, and we’ll appreciate getting your feedback.

Depending on the delicacy of the task, some changes can or cannot be done. We’re here to help remodel even the most challenging parts of your living space. Being flexible is essential in any renovation work, and we are very aware of that. Thanks to our team of construction experts, we can tackle even the most delicate elements of home refurbishment.

What Refurbishment Work Can We Do for You?

Property refurbishment includes anything from simple plumbing services to professional unit installations, flooring, or remodelling. Here at Elite Building Contractors, we’re happy to offer a wide range of refurbishment services for your building:

  • Structural work. We offer structural work for complete refurbishments such as foundation reinforcement or drain digging. Our experienced staff is trained and equipped for any kind of structural work; you just name it.
  • Remodeling. Want to go back to brickwork? Or maybe add a new wall to your room? We’re here for any kind of remodelling that includes changing your living space’s existing layout and design.
  • Plumbing and electrics. We work with experienced plumbers and electricians to manage this part delicately.
  • Kitchen Installations. We offer complete kitchen refurbishment that includes dismantling your kitchen, installing new units, worktops, or floors. We also take care of integrated kitchen appliances or redecorating kitchen walls and ceilings.
  • Shower Room Installations. Whether you need new unit installations, floor remodelling, tiling, lighting, or plumbing services, we’ve got you covered.
  • Flooring. Our refurbishments go from the ground up. We offer a variety of modern solutions, including wooden floors, laminates, tiling, and more.
  • Wall painting. We’re happy to offer wall and ceiling painting services for one or multiple spaces of your building.
  • Home extensions. Are you looking to transform a section of your property or create additional space? Our complete refurbishment services include building home extensions that will add value to your existing property.

If there’s a renovation service you would like to receive from us that’s not listed here, feel free to message us, and we’ll see how we can help.

Pitfalls of DIY Property Refurbishment

Renovating a home is not always plain sailing. Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional to do home renovation is a better idea rather than doing everything by yourself:

  • Lack of experience. The Brits certainly are a nation of DIY lovers. This is a great habit to have, but delicate refurbishment work should be done by professionals. It’s easy to mistake a dangerous crack on the wall for a harmless one. Having an experienced team closely examine your house lowers the risk of potentially harmful events.
  • Lack of time. How many times have you planned a project only to drop it days later due to an increasing amount of work? Building refurbishment requires dedication and potentially weeks or even months of continuous engagement. The last thing you need is to be stuck with an ongoing worktop replacement.
  • Lack of tools. You will have to spend a crazy amount of time remodelling a house and shopping for the right tools. Hiring a professional team will save you the additional time you’d spend shopping and researching the best equipment.
  • Safety measures. Ensuring the safety and security of any refurbishment work is paramount. Unless you learned about construction safety during your undergraduate studies, you would risk hurting yourself or additionally damaging the property.

Where Do We Work?

As you can see, there are several pitfalls to DIY property refurbishment. Hertfordshire is home to some of our best renovation work, and we’d be happy to expand our network. Interested in where else we do property refurbishment? Harrow residents will be glad to learn we offer professional home renovation services there as well.

Project Management

Here at Elite Building Contractors, we approach every property refurbishment project with professionalism. We make sure to complete our work to the highest standards and are in charge of the material, labour, and equipment provision.

The essential part of any successful refurbishment is defining goals and objectives. Before our team starts the renovation, we invite you to discuss the overall project enrolment with us. We set the due date, the budget, and only then do we proceed with the work.

Our expert team is open to consultations of any kind. We understand that home refurbishment comes with many uncertainties, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss possible solutions with you and offer professional advice.

You’re always welcome to assist with the project. However, we take full responsibility for overseeing all works and ensuring they meet the deadline.

All refurbishment work on our end is completed in compliance with building regulations and constant site management safety and security.